Which room is most popular to renovate in West Virginia?

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) – Have you tried to remodel a room in your home?

According to a new study, in the Mountain State and across the nation, the most remodeled room in the house is the bathroom. Contractor Growth Network, a company that helps contractors grow their businesses, compiled data and analyzed multiple search terms regarding home renovations, remodeling, and even contractors.

“Adding a renovation to your home can be a big decision, one that takes time and a lot of research. These findings offer a fascinating insight into the states interested in taking these steps as well as which parts of the home are the biggest priority when it comes to making those big decisions,” said a Contractor Growth Network spokesperson.

Through this research, the company found that there are approximately 305,160 searches each month for bathroom renovations. According to Contractor Growth Network, West Virginia is one of the states most actively searching terms for bathroom renovations. The other states with the highest searches for bathroom remodeling are Colorado, Texas, Michigan and New Jersey.

The company also found that on a national average, bathroom renovations can cost approximately $11,365, depending on the size of the bathroom.

The 50 states were also unanimous on the second most remodeled room of the house – the kitchen. According to the study, there are, on a national average, approximately 187,651 searches per month for renovating the kitchen. West Virginia was again in the top five of states searching for kitchen remodeling terms, along with Colorado, New Jersey, Connecticut and Indiana.

The third-most remodeled room is where states begin to differ in preference. While most, including the Mountain State, are searching for basement remodeling terms, some states third pick for a renovation include showers, Idaho’s pick is RVs, and Mississippi’s choice is mobile homes. For basement renovations, there are approximately 27,499 searches per month across the country.

West Virginia veered from the majority of states for the fourth-most popular remodel. Nationally, shower remodels take fourth place, but West Virginians fourth choice for renovations is a camper. Similar to showers, the bathtub renovations took fifth place nationally, however, shower renovations fell to fifth for Mountain State home renovators.

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