What To Know Before Buying A New Toilet For Your Bathroom

All toilets flush the same way, right? Wrong. Flush options are another thing you’ll want to consider as you search for the perfect toilet for your bathroom. The flush type you’ll most often see is a single-flush. When the level is pushed down, these models siphon waste down using gravity. They tend to be the most budget-friendly. Dual-flush models have two flush options, with one being for liquid waste and one for solid waste. The liquid waste option uses less water, while the solid waste option will deliver a more powerful flush to ensure the bowl is cleared. Though these models can reduce waste, you might find that the bowl needs to be cleaned more frequently.

Yet another option is a pressure-assisted toilet. With the siphon jet-like flush, these models deliver a powerful flush for more effective results. Additionally, because air pressure is used to improve the force, toilets that use this type of flush are also less likely to clog. Moreover, pressure-assisted models require less water for each flush than single-flush varieties.

Finally, you’ll also find power-assisted toilets (sometimes called upflush or macerating). These varieties use a pump to send waste up to the sewer. They are best suited for basement bathrooms where the sewer line is above the level of the toilet. You can also find varieties of these to use on an RV or a boat.

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