Virginia in top 10 for spending money on home renovations

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – Virginia homeowners are in the top ten in the trouble for remodeling houses.

A major interest is a new base for a beautiful home. R.S. Monger & Sons, a lumber store in the Friendly City, confirmed the demand they’ve seen comes from people using the summer to change up the layout at home.

“They remodel their decks, they create new decks, new spaces outside. The Hardscape division for us is really blown up over the last couple years. Composite decking line is really, really been doing well for us, over last couple years. We sell TimberTech and just seems like we can’t keep enough in stock. People were replacing old with composite and PVC decking,” R.S. Monger & Sons President Jim Higgs said.

Virginians spend on average 5.2 percent of the median income on renovations. According to Higgs, contractors know the new look definitely comes at a price with an average range between $5,000 and $15,000 in material cost the labor cost matching.

Higgs says quality work remains the same with prices going up a little from freight costs. The demand however has not cranked up the price.

“Pavers that are made out of cement have gone up a little, but not really that noticeable. Your composite and PVC deckings really haven’t gone up that much either, so it’s a good the area where you can put value to your home,” Higgs said.

The appeal in the process doesn’t slow down progress in supply and demand.

“There really is no wait time. We stock most of it here on on the ground and we are able to service them when I come in if you’re able to haul it away or we deliver it within a day or so,” Higgs said.

The Contractor Growth Network says the average money spent for renovations is more than four thousand dollars. With the housing market still competitive, contractors like R.S. Monger & Sons say investing that money back in your home is is cash well spent.

“It’s always worth it to put more value in the home. If you’re able to take a house and upgrade a deck for instance, the value there will show through when you resell or if you’re just there to enjoy the finished product that you did,” Higgs said.

Hard work and materials go into getting the final product but R.S. Monger & Sons believe the worth is valued in the long run.

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