The Troubling Effect Home Renovation Shows Are Having On New Homeowners

HGTV offers a variety of renovation-themed shows to attract audiences, ranging from elaborate home makeovers in rural Texas to stake-heavy beach house rehab competitions on the coast. Each of these programs appears to follow a generic formula when undergoing major restoration, usually executing a project involving natural sunlight, open floor plans, funky light fixtures, and neutrals upon neutrals placed all throughout the home. When the network’s expert interior designers implement the same trends into their televised work, droves of homes across the country begin to be modified to hop on the contemporary bandwagon as a result. This creates a situation where homes, both available and occupied, tend to appear almost indistinguishable on the inside, lacking much opportunity for external inspiration.

These modern trends carry over to newly-constructed homes as well. Contractors try to appeal to prospective homebuyers by incorporating trends commonly seen on social media and design shows into their new builds. Open floor plans and functional family living are concepts that home builders prioritize as buyers continue to look for ways to integrate their time spent cooking, eating, relaxing, and conversing inside the home.

Homebuyers have also developed an interest in indoor-outdoor living and easily-convertible living spaces, with builders attempting to satiate these interests through their latest designs. Some of the most popular home styles of today, including modern craftsman and farmhouse, are influenced by handiwork seen on television, as contractors take classic designs and transform them internally to fit modern-day homebuyers’ needs.

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