The Bold Fixer To Fabulous Countertop Choice That’ll Give Your Kitchen A Classic Feel

While many homeowners opt for some form of white countertops, black is one of the best options. Jenny Marrs loves it because of the classic look it brings to the kitchen and how well it hides any stains. When white is light and airy, black is a little edgier while remaining timeless. And with a variety of veining or speckled options from white to tan to brown, there are plenty of options to match black counters to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

One of the major benefits of black counters is their concealing properties. Stains, cracks, and marks aren’t as noticeable compared to lighter counter shades. This is ideal for busy kitchens, especially with kids, that may get used multiple times a day. With black countertops, you may not have to worry so much about heavy objects causing nicks, food causing stains, or knives causing scratches because they won’t be as visible. Many crumbs are also easily concealed with black counters. This, however, doesn’t mean maintenance isn’t necessary, as most natural stones will still require cleaning and sealing.

There are, however, a few things that can show up on black counters. Depending on the material, fingerprints can show easily, particularly in busy areas. Soap residue from cleaning and rings from water can also be visible on certain black counters. However, these issues are easily removed if you don’t mind the extra cleaning.

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