The Best Way To Properly Prep Your Kitchen Cabinets Before Painting

Sanding is akin to staging a coup d’état, stripping the glossy surface of its past glory. This task is best tackled with medium-grit sandpaper (120 and 150 grit), adept at readying the wood pores for a renewed bond with primer. If you doubt your arm strength, let an orbital sander like the GoGonova 3.0A (360W) Orbit Sander on Amazon be your superhero. While this tool can sand the daylights out of large and flat surfaces, narrow paneled sections are best left to the typical folded sheet of sandpaper. Post-sanding, whip out a shop vacuum with a brush attachment to oust the dust remnants. If machines aren’t your cup of tea, achieving dust-free surfaces is still possible with a moist rag or tack cloth. 

And for the unadvertised guests in the shape of dents and dings? Employ a wood filler to perform the appropriate repairs. Once this friendly helper dries off, sand it to match the rest of the cabinet surface and clean off the residue. The march towards the final stage begins next. Priming beckons with a preference for oil-based or shellac primer — latex isn’t quite firm enough to prevent the wood’s natural oils from gate-crashing the paint party. In this mission, roll the primer onto large surfaces; however, nested edges merit a paintbrush’s attention. Thus far, your kitchen cabinets are one step closer to enlightenment, ready to don their new coat of paint.

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