Rough Cut Handyman Services: A true tale for beloved home and garden readers

In a realm where home and heart entwine, Daniel Cox, previously a military veteran of the skies, embarked on a quest to become a guardian of homes. His unwavering mission: to protect the homes of Alabama citizens. He vowed to save them from chipped paint and dirty vinyl siding. From dangerously loose deck boards, ruptured soffit, cracked chimneys, rotting door jams and other perilous home repairs.

One January morning, after completing a minor repair, Daniel stepped into a heartwarming scene: his wife tenderly wrapping a lost dog in a towel. His family implored him to take the stray in. 

“No,” he replied. “Find him a new home instead.”

Days had passed, when one morning as Daniel was setting out to mow, the pup jumped into his lap, ready to go. The pup rode with him as each blade was cut, and again at the tractor’s side when Daniel nodded to join. As the day drew to a close, the pup hopped into the passenger side of his truck, and it was then they sealed an unbreakable bond.

Thus he claimed a permanent place, road-dog for life, both in Daniel’s heart and a new business: Rough Cut Handyman Services. He was christened as “Oden,” Daniel’s trusty steed, and his wife adorned him with a pumpkin polo stamped with the Rough Cut crest.

As whispers of their craftsmanship spread through the streets, people began to clamor for the master repair work only Rough Cut Handyman could bring.

And so, within this whimsical tale, is a call from Rough Cut to heed your home’s wail, “Fix me!”

Call 205-738-0054 or go to, and know that the solution to yourhome repair woes will arrive promptlyat your door.

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