Is A Basement Living Room An Interior Design Faux Pas? The Property Brothers Weigh In

In season 6 of “The Property Brothers,” Drew and Jonathan once again repurposed a home’s basement to create an inviting and relaxing space. In a previously unfinished basement, the brothers transformed it into a living room, added a guest room, made a new bathroom, and even put a bar underneath the staircase. “Ultimately, I’m going to give them a great lounging space to entertain, a spare bedroom for visiting in-laws or guests, and a full bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower stall,” Jonathan said in the episode (via Pure Wow).

Every family and home will have different needs, but no matter what you require the extra space for, you shouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of it. The possibilities are endless, from playrooms, game rooms, and craft rooms to home offices, libraries, and home gyms. But, as Drew and Jonathan saw when they transformed basements into living quarters, there are important components to remember during your basement remodeling endeavors. You’ll want to be sure to inspect the plumbing and electrical and install or repair those areas if needed. Insulation will likely have to be added for unfinished basements, and one should plan to test the area for radon. Additionally, a sump pump may be required to avoid water damage, and you’ll want to research the building codes and safety requirements for your location.

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