Huntington Beach Interior Designer Samia Verbist Designs Dynamic Outdoor Spaces

French interior designer, Samia Verbist, takes interior design principles and transforms outdoor spaces into cozy, engaging spaces for homeowners and guests

Sometimes homeowners overlook the possibilities and just put out a table and chairs with a grill. Instead, think of your outdoor space like any other room, just one without walls”

— Samia Verbist

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2022 / — In her active blog, French-born Hunting Beach-based interior designer Samia Verbist explored perhaps an unexpected aspect of her interior design bona fides: designing outdoor spaces.

In the new post titled Designing Outdoor Spaces: Expand Your Living Space by Taking It Outside, Verbist explores the great outdoors as an excellent way to spruce up your space.

“Designing outdoor spaces begins with taking stock of available areas, considering your climate, and assessing how and how often you might use your outdoor space. Some homeowners love grilling, while others prefer to soak up the sun,” says Verbist.

Ever confident in her design prowess, Samia Verbist uses her very own backyard as an example of her design principles, shedding light on how a professional interior designer gets the job done. While typically focusing on the interior design of powder rooms and farmhouse kitchens, Verbist found that the home’s exterior can be a massive asset.

Interior And Exterior Design

Not one to be penned in by four walls, Samia Verbist encourages homeowners to see their backyards as extensions of

Verbist quickly lays out how she capitalized on the living space she had to work with and the climate. For her and her family, she took California’s ideal weather and used it to guide her design.

“In California, where I live, the outdoors is our second home,” says Verbist. “The weather is so pleasant here, and we can use the outdoors for eight months per year, which gives us extra square footage. We added an outdoor entertainment area with our al fresco dining room, which we love to use.”

Acting as a focal point of sorts, Verbist’s table is covered by a canopy with panels, allowing optimal light, sun, and exposure to the elements, all while entertaining a slew of guests.

Using decor as her guiding light, Verbist changed her traditional backyard into a fascinating interior-exterior hybrid.

“[After using wooden flooring for an outdoor living room], I added a full suite of living room-style furniture: a sofa, two chairs, and a coffee table. This inclusion of furniture helped create an outdoor interior of sorts,” Verbist explains.

And this last sentiment is what sets Verbist apart from the competition. When examining her designs and reading about her gift for visual flair, it’s hardly surprising that she has worked on luxury home interior designs in Orange County and San Francisco.

Samia Verbist’s Interior Design Sixth Sense

It’s worth repeating that Samia Verbist’s ability to bring different decor, designs, and drapery together in one package is nothing short of spectacular. And not only that, but she’s well-versed in architecture, giving her (and homeowners) the added bonus of a deep-seated knowledge of how things work with one another. Additionally, knowledge of using what’s already available and making it stand out.

An Orange County interior design project in an office space is a sterling example of her prowess. The office space, hardly inspiring creative decisions, actually inspired Verbist to home in on one design theme and run with it.

“There were other features already in place. For example, the modern white desks and chairs and the file cabinets were white but topped with a bright blue casing. Their color became a driving theme in the design.”

This blank canvas, a typical office space with only hints of color, lit a fire in Verbist and allowed her to transform it into something employees enjoy attending.

In short, Samia Verbist has that interior design sixth sense; the eye to spot what works and what doesn’t.

But how did Samia Verbist arrive at this point?

Who Is Samia Verbist?

Here in Huntington Beach, by way of Normandy, France, Samia Verbist always knew she wanted to design. Although she held various sales jobs, she was always drawn toward art and architecture. She credits her parents with introducing her to a world of art.

“[Samia Verbist was] raised by a father who was a musician, painter, and photographer and a mother fond of museums and archeological sites…she inevitably grew a passion for personal expression through arts,” her site explains.

This passion for arts led her to French Beaux-Arts, where she began her education in earnest. She then obtained her bachelor’s degree in architecture, honing her aesthetic skills and architecture fundamentals and learning how to create interior design 3D renderings. These fundamentals learned in school would go on to be the bedrock upon which many of her projects are built.

And for various luxury homeowners around Orange County, Verbist’s unique touch is something special. Offering a wide range of her work in her portfolio, Samia Verbist has tackled nearly every type of room design imaginable. And, with the addition of backyards, Verbist isn’t stopping at powder rooms and home offices.

Not to mention her popular One Room Challenge series, in which she and her team work painstakingly on one room in a home for weeks. What results is a stunning transformation that defies the eye. But exercises in creativity and architecture like the One Room Challenge are par for the course for Samia Verbist Interior Design LLC.

Whether it’s interior design and remodeling services in Palo Alto to 3D renderings of a patio overhaul, Samia Verbist rarely lets four walls limit her creative potential.

More About Samia Verbist Interior Design

Samia Verbist Interior Design LLC was founded in 2016 in California. Since then, she has designed homes all over Orange County and her home country of France. Visit her website for more information about Verbist, her past work, and how she can transform any room inside (and outside) your home.

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