How To Use The Kitchen Backsplash Trend That HGTV’s Jenn Todryk Loves

There are several benefits to adding an imperfect zellige tile backsplash to your kitchen. Other than its ability to protect your walls, these handmade tiles with lots of texture will amplify a sense of elegance from the distressed surface. Imperfect tile has a more rustic origin since it’s weathered, though the “aged” characteristic can fit just as well in a vintage-inspired space. Whereas other kitchen backsplash tiles feature a unison pattern and clean grout lines, this tile choice leans more towards a disheveled appearance — the feature Jenn Todryk loves. This adds a rugged texture to the room since the uneven grout lines cause the tiles to have a pop-out effect.

Another reason to choose imperfect tile as your kitchen’s backsplash is for its uniqueness. One of this style’s main selling points is that it sports a handmade look, which isn’t something a lot of kitchens have. Instead of going with a common, clearly manufactured backsplash, this unusual trait creates a focal point and showcases originality. Plus, if you choose a lighter color, the backsplash is able to blend effortlessly with any darker hues in the room. 

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