How Much It Costs To Install A Shower Drain Yourself

When replacing a shower drain, you have separate costs for materials and tools. You often can purchase a replacement drain kit for the shower that also contains all of the connectors and fittings you need to secure the new part in place. You can buy one such kit priced around $50 at Lowe’s. Should you want a shower drain kit that has high-end materials or finishes, you could pay $100 or more, like this option from Home Depot. You also may pay more if you have an odd-sized drain pipe diameter in the shower. The kit should have the remainder of the connection items you need, including connectors and fittings, as well as hardware to mount the drain. If you need to buy connectors and fittings separately, expect to pay around $40.

If you only need to replace the cover because the old one is broken, Home Depot has one for $5. It may simply clip into place, so you don’t need extra tools or materials, either. Should you need to replace a section of the sewer pipe as well, the complexity of the project increases. Expect to pay up to $7.50 per linear foot for PVC sewer pipe. You may need a can of PVC primer and cement to secure the PVC and to make it watertight, which can cost around $10. You also may need to go into drywall to fix an issue, increasing the cost quickly.

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