Here are some ways on how to make your bathroom an oasis

Americans spend a lot of time in the bathroom – 813.3 days on average, according to Infographics Archive.

That equates to over two years of our lives!

With so much time spent in the loo, a change of scenery is in order. How much longer can you look at the same wall art, tchotchkes and mauve paint from 1988?

Rochelle Horn, CKBD, designer, Rosie Right | Design. Build |Remodel. offers some ideas to upgrade your bathroom 2022-style.

Better Bathing

“I see people questioning the need of a tub, or if they have a tub, they want an artistic statement, a freestanding luxury,” said Horn. “I also see folks wanting a spa feel, a place to regroup and refresh.”

Large showers with multiple showerheads and a bench or drop-down seat create a spa-like atmosphere.

Ease of maintenance is popular. A handheld shower head makes cleaning the shower easier. Speaking of showerheads, infusing the water with essential oils and spa-inspired fragrances will take your shower routine from ordinary to blissful.

Taller vanities are easier on the back, even if you are not 6 feet tall. No more straining your back to wash your face.


Had it with germs? Don’t want to touch the faucet? You don’t have to with a smart faucet – a feature that many people now prefer. Some models have remote controls for easy use from anywhere in your home. Advanced systems also send notifications of leaks and water usage. Check out the SimpleSENCE Water Leak & Freeze Detector available at our eStore.

“I prefer single-handle faucets. Not only is it less to maintain, but it also helps to avoid water being too hot or not hot enough,” said Horn.


Get rid of the old toilet. A 20- to the 30-year-old toilet will be less efficient than newer models. A new low-flow toilet uses significantly less water and can enhance the appearance of a bathroom. There’s been huge improvements in low-flow toilets since they first came out! Some incorporate bidet features. Bidets are becoming more popular in the U.S. Toilets are available in different shapes and heights. There are smart toilets that warm the seat and release a pleasant fragrance. When replacing a toilet, opt for a taller model that will be easier to use as you age or for taller people in the household.


Does anyone look good in incandescent light? No! It is time to switch to energy-efficient LEDs. They save energy, last longer and provide you with a better look at, well, you. Incorporate natural light with skylights, windows and ambient lighting. Create an outdoor atmosphere without having to “go” outdoors.

Earth Tones & Features

Shades of gray and white are being replaced with earth tones of beige, cream, taupe and terra-cotta. Add contrast with greens, blues and browns which are pleasing to the eyes. They also stimulate relaxation due to the feelings of nature and wellness they inspire.

Incorporate these organic hues with natural stone tile or countertops. Use large format tiles where there is a lot less grout to maintain. Some new grouts have a built-in sealer that makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Also, consider adding textured tiles to prevent slips and falls.

Wood isn’t just for the cabinetry. Frame art and mirrors with wood. Accessorize with wooden tissue boxes, jewelry trays and soap dishes.


Plants not only add beautiful splashes of color, but they also purify the air and cleanse water. If the plants you choose need at least six hours of sunlight a day, place them near a window.

Mirror, Mirror

Geometric mirror shapes add a new dimension. Today’s mirrors also use Smart Technology. They can have anti-fog mechanisms, smart touch abilities, USB charging stations and other features. Bye, bye wall-to-wall vanity mirrors! Funky frame designs and shapes are in style. Let your personality and creativity shine. Built-in lighting features create a sleek, minimalist and stylish bathroom with contemporary back-lit mirrors and front lights.

Tiny Fridge

Keep skincare products cool and refreshing by storing them in a tiny countertop refrigerator. No need to store them in the kitchen. “I love chilled skincare products,” said Susan Kregar, staff writer of Rosie on the House. “They feel refreshing and give me an energy boost during my morning routine.”

Keep medications cool with a refrigerated medicine cabinet. “They are awesome for diabetic medication that needs to stay cool and dry,” said Horn.

Compact Storage

Rather than pile items on large shelves or shove them in the closet where they will never be seen again, install floating shelves above the toilet, add another shower rack for towels and place hooks on the door. Hang wicker baskets on the walls to store regularly used items. The wicker will fit well with the natural elements.

Universal Design

More people are choosing to stay in their homes as they age. There are more multi-generational family members living under one roof. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) lists universal design as a considerable influence in bathroom design in 2022. Homeowners are incorporating adaptations to meet everyone’s needs.

Most of these ideas can be DIY projects. If plumbing and flooring are out of your skillset, hire a professional, licensed contractor.

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