Couple Has Their Cats Help Remodel Their Bathroom and It’s Priceless

Some people include their pets in everything that they do, and DIYers @Angelina & Skyler include their cats in everything…including their home remodel. The couple shared a video at the end of September 2023 of their cats choosing the paint color for their bathroom remodel, and it sprouted an even bigger idea.

The couple set paint samples on the floor in front of the cats, and let the cats choose the color. That’s when they got the idea to have the cats make all the choices for the bathroom remodel, and the cats really stepped in to get the job done!

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In the video, @Angelina said “the cats went feral for Dark Engine”, referring to the paint color they chose. Next, the couple asked the cat to choose what to do about the door trim, whether or not to paint the ceiling, what color the light and plug outlets should be, and if they should paint a mural on the wall or not. So many decisions! The cats went with black for everything, as well as a mural. Now we just need to wait for the final reveal!

Commenters had some pretty funny comments. @Awkwivert got more than 56 thousand likes for their comment, “Your cats might be goth”. @Catalina wasn’t wrong with her comment, “They said whatever is more work”. @Meg_Mercury pointed out, “The way the one cat was casually reading and making a decision and the other guy came BARRELLING IN and chose”! I couldn’t help but laugh at @Alex Haynes who wondered, “Why do your cats have a better idea of decorating than my husband”?!

These cats must be fans of Halloween! You can check out the final reveal on their page…the cats did a really good job making choices. The bathroom looks great!

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