Building New Construction? You’ll Want to Talk to Concetti, Your Detroit-Based, Strategic Interior Design Partner

Whether you’re remodeling a room or an entire home, your first step should be hiring an interior design partner that can professionally oversee every step of the process.

Meet Concetti, your Detroit-based, female-founded interior design company. At Concetti, strategic interior design means really getting to know YOU, and getting to know your goals, needs, and hopes for your future space. Concetti partners with each of their clients as co-creators to help them express their genuine selves at home, at work, and in the Detroit community.

Creating a Holistic Vision & Foundation for Your New Space

When starting your new construction project, it’s often the detailed design decisions that become the biggest weight for homeowners. In order to mitigate against this, Concetti’s Design Strategists always begin their work by working with clients to build out a holistic vision for their home. This sets the framework for the floor plans, blueprints, and renderings for the rest of the project.

Concetti - Kitchen 1 Feature Image

In a recent project, Concetti was tasked with renovating a 1,400 square foot, sustainable living Eco Home through Midtown Sustainable Housing. The challenge was that the home’s commitment to sustainability meant many restrictions around the architectural design capabilities (limiting the ability to change any of the exterior windows, walls or existing framework renovations).

Despite the parameters, Concetti used their professional, creative genius to utilize the workable interior space, entirely reimagining the client’s living quarters. With an entirely new vision agreed upon, they built an entertainment mecca featuring a two-story state-of-the-art kitchen, an overlooking second-floor catwalk, and plenty of other surprise details that pulled the entire aesthetic together seamlessly.

Bringing Creativity to Every Inch of Space

Redesigning any space requires ample knowledge and creativity to get the most value and use out of every square inch of the room. Concetti’s team specializes in paying keen attention to opportunities for “double-duty”, or building structures that fulfill two different purposes at once, while stylishly opening up the sitelines and flow of the room.

Concetti Kitchen 2

Pictured above is a custom-built countertop Concetti crafted in their client’s new, open-air kitchen. Since the space they were working in was quite small, they decided to forego the traditional kitchen island and table route, and instead crafted this unique piece as one. Combining efforts with some highly talented Detroit-based fabricators, they built an entirely unique, multi-functional gathering hub in the central area of the home, using ONE footprint for TWO entirely different uses.

Concetti Kitchen 3

They Will Listen, Advocate and Execute On the Best Decisions for Your Needs

New construction requires a lot of different players, from the architects to the builders to the furnishers and beyond. Juggling communication and expectations between every single party can be an exhausting process as a one-man show. But, with a Design Strategist on your side, you get a shoulder to lean on every step of the way.

The Value of Great Interior Design Is Priceless

The goal of a strategic interior designer is to create a space that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but is also catered to you and your needs, and works functionally with your life. With the continuously growing demand for space, prices per square foot of properties are on the rise, making your interior living space one of the most valuable assets you’ll occupy.

At Concetti, you will get a partner that takes that level of planning, communication and design very seriously. To make the most of the partnership, they encourage all clients to bring them in early in the design process so they can lay the groundwork, vision, and timeline for the rest of the build. So, are you ready for Concetti?

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