Benefits of Having a Wine Fridge at Home

Whether you own ten bottles of wine or hundreds, you need a practical storage solution that will keep your wine under the proper conditions. While owning a traditional wine cellar is the goal for many wine lovers, it is often out of budget. One of the best alternatives to a wine cellar is a wine refrigerator. Adding a wine fridge to your home provides numerous benefits.

Why Do I Need a Wine Fridge?

Wine is a delicate substance that needs to be stored in the right environment. To taste its best, wine should be kept in a dark space free from vibrations, with a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity between 50 to 70 percent. The wine bottles should be placed on racks in the horizontal orientation so that the liquid inside the bottle wets the cork, preventing oxidization by maintaining the cork’s seal.

A wine refrigerator is an appliance designed to recreate the conditions found inside a wine cellar. Wine coolers have an insulated interior and solid or double-paned glass doors. Inside the wine fridge are racks holding the bottle in a horizontal position. A compressor or thermoelectric cooling system cools the interior of the wine refrigerator so that it keeps the best storage or serving temperature. The cooling system is easily adjusted and monitored using a digital control panel.

Benefits of Owning a Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are not just beautiful appliances; they are functional too. Some of the benefits of owning a wine cooler include:

  1. Your wine ages in the best environment. Wine refrigerators can maintain a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit when installed in an insulated room such as a kitchen or home bar. Some wine refrigerators are dual-zone, so you can designate one zone for storage and another for serving or organize your wine based on its varietal.
  2. Better than a kitchen refrigerator for wine storage. Did you know a kitchen refrigerator can be too dry for wine? A food refrigerator’s cooling system is designed to remove humidity. Wine corks need humidity to maintain their seal. By storing wine inside a refrigerator designed for food, you risk drying out the cork and potentially exposing your wine to foul odors.
  3. A wine refrigerator is small-space friendly. While a wine cellar requires an entire room, a wine fridge makes a small footprint. Both apartment and home dwellers can accommodate a wine cooler into their space.
  4. Wine coolers are budget conscious. When building a wine cellar, you will need to pay for multiple contractors, wine racking, a cellar cooling system, and more. Wine refrigerators are much less expensive and do not require professional installation.

Invest in a Wine Fridge Today

Wine refrigerators create the ideal environment for wine and look stylish, too. With their small footprint, they can be installed in your kitchen, living room, dining room, home bar, man cave, and more. Owning a wine cooler is a wise investment for anyone who loves wine.



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