7 expert tips by interior designers for the perfect entertainment room

An entertainment room is where you and your guests will relax. Thus, select seating that is apt for the type of entertainment room you would like to have. “Entertainment rooms can be created in different ways to enhance your home. A proper theatre room requires theatre-style seats on raised levels with a large screen. However, in most Indian homes, owners tend to favour a warm and casual vibe for their entertainment rooms. They often incorporate a sectional couch with seats that can stretch out for added comfort. Additionally, they may add a small bar or study desk within the room, making it multifunctional to cater to various needs and activities,” states Minnie Bhatt, founder and design director at Minnie Bhatt Design.

Carefully Curate The Lighting And Sound

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Selecting the right audio visual system for your entertainment room is crucial, especially if you will be hosting gatherings, watching movies or playing musical instruments. “We believe that technology can seamlessly blend with artistic design. We bring this belief to life in our entertainment rooms, where cutting-edge systems integrate effortlessly, turning the space into a true sensory paradise. Dynamic lighting solutions, choreographed to perfection, create an atmosphere that transitions effortlessly between moods. We place each accent light carefully. They cast captivating shadows and highlight key features to create a unique and cohesive visual experience. We also understand that sound is a vital element in any entertainment space. Through strategic placement of speakers and the use of sound-absorbing materials, we create an auditory sanctuary, where every note and dialogue resonate with clarity and richness,” add Rishabh Kapoor and Monica Chadha, founders and interior designers of Design Deconstruct.

Finally, ensure that your entertainment room is well-insulated and soundproofed. “Soundproofing is essential to prevent noise from disturbing other parts of your home and to enhance audio quality within the room. In your entertainment room, use acoustic panels, heavy curtains, and carpets to reduce sound reflections and echoes,” conclude Rashi and Ruchi of Azure Interiors.

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