7 best interior designs for Minecraft (2022)

Building is one of Minecraft’s most popular mechanics. Players can build anything they want in the game’s sandbox world. Moreover, the fact that the world stretches almost infinitely gives players enough space to attempt whatever build they might have in mind.

While many players just focus on the exterior of a build, other players go all the way and construct detailed and aesthetically-pleasing interiors for their builds. Every build has a theme or an inspiration, and the interior, as well as the exterior, showcases the theme.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Minecraft players can use these creative interior design ideas

The following ideas have been taken from builders on Reddit, and each of them contains valuable information to help players up their design game.

7) Survival house interior

This small survival house build is quaint and uses prismarine and dark oak wood as its primary building blocks. It even has a working chimney, and the interior of this build comprises three floors. The top floor has a small bedroom with twin beds and blocks like chests, bookshelves, lanterns, and trapdoors; there are other items as well, like banners and an amethyst geode.

The first floor is larger and has blocks in the form of furniture like sofas, couches, chairs, tables, and more. A kitchen can be seen with bricks used as its primary block. Candles have been used for lighting instead of lanterns on this floor. An armor stand can also be seen in the corner, overlooking the searching area that has the prismarine couches.


The basement contains multiple blocks and workbench blocks like furnaces, crafting tables, a smithing table, chests, tripwires, barrels, and more. A small azalea tree can be seen in the corner, with an ender chest in front of it.

6) Tavern interior

This design focuses on a tavern interior. The highly elaborate and detailed structure appears to be nature-themed. It contains various paintings of butterflies and tons of flora like flowers, vines, and other potted plants.

A large part of the tavern is a seating area, with a bar table made using stripped oak logs and trapdoors sitting at the head of the room. A custom resource pack has been used for some of the blocks.

5) Castle interior

This giant castle design has two floors. The bottom floor contains multiple rooms, some with chair-and-table setups, while the other rooms offer fireplaces and large tables and shelves. The extensive use of trapdoors can be seen everywhere, from their use as stair support rails to being used as decorative items in the kitchen.

The upper floor has a small balcony situated inside the premises and a high ceiling. The decoration is done using tons of banners, ferns, and lanterns. Trapdoors also make another appearance as guard rails for the balcony.

4) Battleship interior

This creative build is a representation of two mechanized animal mobs in Minecraft (a sheep and a cow) fighting each other. The detailed interior contains tons of rooms. An armory can be seen where there are some armor stands filled with armor sets. Weapons and tools have also been displayed. A small indoor farm can be seen with sheep grazing.

Other major rooms include a seating area with couches and chairs made from slabs and blocks. There’s also a central room made using various red blocks like concrete powder and redstone blocks, a huge storage room with multiple chests, another armory, multiple seating rooms, a dormitory, and many connecting corridors and hallways.

3) Modern house interior

This simple and aesthetic Minecraft build is made using concrete and stone bricks. This modern house design has two levels. The ground level has a small dining and seating area with a table made from white wool blocks and multiple barrels in the kitchen.

A wooden staircase leads to the upper floor, which has two paintings hanging on the wall. A large window can be seen that brings natural lighting into the room. Some bookshelves and another table can be seen in the room.

2) Steampunk Castle with interior

This “megabuild” consists of a gigantic castle built using the “steampunk” building design as an inspiration. The bedroom is the first to be showcased, with a four-poster bed and a fireplace. The library has another fireplace and a seating system with tons of bookshelves.

The kitchen showcases a large room with a table set with cakes and sea pickles. The room also features barrels, lanterns, plants, glowing item frames, and more. Finally, there is a room with a circular structure that represents some sort of machinery and has lightning rods inside it, solidifying the steampunk look.

1) Modern mansion with appliances

This design makes use of a Minecraft mod named ModernArch. The mod has a heavy focus on realism and produces photorealistic visuals for every block and surface in the game. This makes items like end rods and lanterns look exquisite during gameplay.

This modern mansion has tons of rooms and even more corridors. The layout resembles that of a regular mansion, with a dining room, multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, TV sets, couches, tables, a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, balconies, and more.


This Minecraft mod even comes with custom items like showerheads, toilets, mirrors, and other furniture, all of which have been displayed in the build’s video.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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