5 books on how to design interiors

From houses set in forests to villas facing the seas, these books look at design aspects of spaces of different terrains. Flip through the pages to learn about how to create the best, economical and effective interior spaces for homes, while maintaining your design style and favourite elements.

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

Author: Joanna Gaines

If you are a fan of television shows that show the presenters turning houses into heartwarming homes, this book by Joanna Gaines will impress you. The book focuses on creating a home which reflects the personalities of its residents and their stories. The author uses her farmhouse and other houses as examples to help assess priorities and likes and dislikes, with steps to make your design style come true. It goes through room by room of a house and offers an in-depth guide into planning and sketching one’s design plans.

A House by the Sea

Author: Bunny Williams

The author and designer for more than 40 years explores his Caribbean retreat tucked away in tropical gardens by the sea. The book looks at different nuances of this property — rooms, garden planting, the villa’s interiors and furnishing. The book also includes chapters which are by the author’s friends who have visited the space, with details about its architecture, gardens and the joy of staying at the space.

Domino: The Book of Decorating

Author: Deborah Needleman

The book walks you from room to room, offering tips and tricks on how to deck up your house and create a beautiful home. It takes you through plenty of photographs of intelligently and professionally decorated rooms in varied styles. The book brings together inspiring rooms and shares how to mix styles, and make pieces work together. The book has a quick read format and provides tools to make spaces that are personal and functional.

Jungalow: Decorate Wild: The Life and Style Guide

Author: Justina Blakeney

This book gives us a peek into designing creative interiors in the wild. It portrays different design styles, original patterns and artworks. The author shares about interior design policies and in each chapter, shares her views on varied design aspects like how to choose colour and patterns, take cues from nature, how to get inspired from heritage and travels and how to break design rules. She shares personal narratives, advice, and insight into show she lives at her place while reconnecting with nature.

Everything: A Maximalist Style Guide

Author: Abigail Ahern

The book works on the philosophy — More is more. Here one will get to learn almost everything about Maximalism design aesthetic.

‘Everything…’ embraces everything — colour palettes, luxurious textiles, patterns, embellishments and more. The author takes us far from the world of minimalism and guides readers on how to break rules of interior design, play fast and loose with different periods in a single space, yet have fun with it. The book will showcase how one can include designs of various decades and styles, to create an impressive space.

The books are available online.

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