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A pastel scheme ushers in a look that has been popular over the centuries, the Georgians loved to use soft pastel tones, and the Rococo period was an unrivaled light-hearted delve into charming pastels. In America, the 1950s and1960s embraced a soaring rise in the use of pastels and soft tones in interiors. Strawberry ice cream pink, soft muted greens, lavender, and baby blues were bought in abundance, and displayed throughout the home in post-war middle America. Pastel room ideas were once the choice for optimistic interiors, a style decision chosen by millions of joyful, nuclear families in 1950s America.

However, the historical undertones of pastel tones often invite strong, love it or loathe it responses, despite these soft and beautiful tones found in profusion in the natural world. So, what is the resistance to using pastels? Is it the association with children’s toys and clothes and the, not so, distant saccharine past?

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